November 22, 2007

[giving thanks......]

to cousin R for lugging back this whole stack of yummy fabrics... doesn't it just make your heart do a hop and a skip just looking at all these printed goodness?
plus a wonderful book with totally inspiring pictures and projects.
for having time to do some more fabric albums
a little pink album
some yellow albums
blue + duck + leaf my album tower
a smaller album - this japanese fabric looks great irl
my knitting that's going realy slowly as my hands are full churning out fabric albums

K's more and more awake, G's been getting increasingly jealous of mei mei, at times raising her hand to hit her.... :( owell, it's as expected, and we're just taking each day as it comes.

chocolate monkey
she looks exactly like G in this pic
frowny K

p.s. for all the enquiries - i buy my fabric from various sources - spotlight, this really cool old chinese shop at People's Park complex called Golden Dragon, online from, :)


Mel said...

gorgeous fabric :) and so cute that k and ur mom are in co-ordinated outfits!

elaine t said...

your baby girl looks so much like you! And I so envy your latest fabric collection and that lovely book!! :)