November 26, 2007

[flower girl]

G's the flower girl for R&L's wedding today. She looked like a little princess in her sparkly flouncy dress, i'm sure she probably felt like one too, with the amount of compliments that she received today! Plus an adoring little 5 yr old boyfriend to boot! :P Here's some shots of her in the dress and some nice family pics courtesy of my dad.
this is wat G does when you ask her to say cheese
my girls
domestic scene - this is me with G, V in the background doing up his hair
nice family pix
K getting winchy
i love this pic, i'm looking at G, V's looking at K, the 2 kids totally oblivious

O, when G napped, i made a little thank you gift for cousin R who lugged back the fabric and book :)
guess wat it is?
it's a nano cover! :)


Mel said...

those pictures are so precious! :)

cslau said...

Wow! Lovely family portrait!!

Chrissy Le said...

Loving the pics Jacq! You ARE the fabric queen! Love that Nano cover!

Marr said...

gorgeous family pics! G's sooo pretty. K looks like you at certain angle. Sweet! Love the little gift you did for your cousin.

amberzimm said...

Ooooh!! Love the nano cover too! You must make more of those (for the video ipod too) I would totally buy one! Love to see your creations. =)

meta-lodestar said...

on behalf of R2, thanx for the nano cover and fabric album! it's lovely :) I'm so envious... also thanx a billion for all the help on sun! We couldn't have done it without you all! G and K1/2 were just precious on that day :D love the family pics!

Love, F