November 07, 2007

[are you tired of seeing these?]

Heh heh... sorry to be inundating the blog with even more fabric photo albums. I finished these a couple of days ago, but with the madness of arranging for K's 1 month celebration (can you believe it's already been 1 month!! ), getting her to poop (i'm still not that cavalier a parent that i don't get worried abt the bowel movements of a newborn - maybe i will be more relaxed with the next one :P), i had to do everything in painstakingly slow stages - take the pics one morning, download the next, upload at night. But! i actually finished 8 this time around, which is pretty good for a week's work!
So, here are more pics of the albums:

G's really growing up so quick. Oh, i told her "i can't stand you being so messy at the table!" and she replied "mummy, are you going to stand on my head?" heh..... And today she packed up her sister's diapers into the drawer, because it's empty and she "learnt to pack in school".
O, and it might be too early to celebrate, but i think she might be able to go to bed by herself!! woohoo.... lots more crafting time! :P

*o and i might be able to sell my albums in a really cool brick and mortar shop! will keep you updated.... :)


Scrappermania said...

Never! your books is beautiful!

Frumpies world said...

Wow, what a cool, cool albums do you create...I'm really Wendy.

Marr said...

Awesome album covers once again! It's good that G starts to go to sleep by herself. :) S still needs us to accompany him to bed. But we tried to let him sleep by 10 if possible.