November 16, 2007

[last day in kindie]

G's concert was last nite, it was an emotional time for us parents, seeing her growing both physically and intellectually over the past year. She's always been a very headstrong (polite word for stubborn :P) little girl, and it was hilarious to watch her perform. She was the only one in the group that pranced about during 'twinkle little stars' and walked here and there before the concert. Definitely with a mind of her own, we've had to adjust our traditional parenting standards to suit her personality, this girl definitely doesn't respond to harsh scolding. Anyways, no pics to show for the nite, as we didn't bring down the camera, but there's a video and i'll try to figure out how to upload it.
Meanwhile, been busy doing my DT assignments for LT as well as completing my dozen or so photo albums! :)

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Boriquaz said...

I love your books, they are so creative! And your LO is fabulous.