November 08, 2007

[K's 1 month celebration]

K's 1 month old! :) how time flies.... she's definately gained lots of weight, has started to coo back when you make silly faces at her, and of course have also started to demand much more attention! Today we celebrated her 1month old milestone, lots of food and family... here's the pics :
Don't disturb me! i'm 1 month! :)

little toes....and they feel soo baby soft!
love this pic of the 2 girls
careful carrying by G
clowing around
cheesey smile with gong gong
family pic
clowning around
more clowning around
me and K
the girls
the party

So sad that V couldn't be around for the whole day of celebrations. I realised we didn't even get to take a family shot together! :( Maybe over the weekend we'll do a proper one...

On the crafty front, inspired by B, i've finally gotten over the inertia of styling my packaging. Did these for some fabric buttons that i might put up in the shop soon :) and also trying out the packaging for my albums!

have a great weekend! we're off to the beach tomorrow... yay!


E said...

Hi Jacq - K's so so cute!! She's really lovely. And so is your packaging and those buttons are gorgeous! Can't wait to see the whole range you have.

Creative B Bee said...

Really enjoy to see your photos and your lovely projects.

Anna Sigga said...

She is such a doll!!! Love all that hair on her and the buttons are too cute!

*~*Amber*~* said...

wow... what amazing family pics Jaq. Just beautiful! love the fabbies, love the fabbie buttons!! xoxo You look amazing by the way! ;)

Marr said...

time truly flies! so fast, K is already 1 month old! they really grow up so quickly. heee.. My G, she's already smiling back at me and I feel sooooo warmth. hahaha. but the downside, I am going back to work, so dread it. :( Isn't it great to be out and about after the confinement? kekekeke..

Cindy Ellen Russell said...

I'm a lil' late but congrats on the baby! And your etsy stuff is to die for...