November 14, 2007

[cottage industry]

Feeling a bit like a cottage industry, cutting up the pieces of cloth into S, M, L sizes to make even more album covers. I've been meaning to replicate a few pieces of the same design, but can't seem to be able to do so! Something in me just wants to try out new designs, it just gets really boring to do the same thing twice - what do you think? Should i be making more than 1 of each book?

Some pics of our excursions - at the beach:
Vivo city (K all snug in a sling):
at the zoo:


Scrapanimal said...

Love the fabrics you use. The colours are so beautiful. Where do you found this fabrics? In china or thailand.
Here in the netherlands the colours are not so pastel more with a hard tone.

the pictures on the beach al great. I love the way you carrier the little one.

LOve Simone

Irene said...

Mmm.. I would feel it will be more unique to have one of each design. But again, it's really depend on you.

Marr said...

give it a limited edition. Write on your packaging that it's one of a kind!

So fun to see that you frequent the zoo. Seth has not been going for more than half a year... we should go sometime when the sky's bright and shiny!