September 28, 2010

[Keppel Marina]

A little known (at least judging by the number of people that were there) small oasis of green and water is Marina at Keppel Bay. We have been there once before, but just had breakfast at the cafe (which incidentally does quite good but slightly pricey breakfast / brunch food). We brought along a picnic this time around, plus the girls brought along books and toys to play with. It's a good alternative for the girls from swimming or the beach, if they (or rather we) do not want too exertive an activity.
As G has started reading more and more, it was so great to have a quiet picnic, where we can all get absorbed in reading our respective novels. K is still too young for that, but was quite happy playing with her cooking set and pretend food!
Here are the pics:
G's really into Enid Blyton now, she has about 20 on her shelves and most of them have been thumbed through at least twice.
We were the only ones there! I guess it was also due to the slightly overcast weather.....

Silly K! She was pretending that her haversack was a camera! Went around like that shouting "say cheese"!
Love this pic of V and G. So happy that G has turned out into a really affectionate child, she loves to snuggle up to us and will usually want to find a lap to sit on or somebody to lean into to. Usually V indulges.... 2 little birkie clad feet
Aren't the tiny ones adorable! :)

Playing with the automatic sprinkler.

A good morning out... and just as well, as soon as we finished our picnic, the heavens opened and it poured!
We were trying to take a group shot with the timer. Unfortunately, in this shot, the background foliage is in focus and not us!
A slightly better one, but G is distracted... :P owell... we'll try again next time!


marr said...

great family shot! the one of G and V is very nice too. :)
they really grow sooo fast. G's such a big gal now.

Anonymous said...

G looks exactly like u reminds me of the US disneyland trip