September 08, 2010

[another short story by G]

Tuesday nights are 'me & my girls' time, as V has to go for classes. I try to make the evening activities more structured, instead of the usual 'own time own target' chillouts that we have when both of us are around. The girls seem to like it, and so far we've been engaged with activities such as making paper mache bowls, baking muffins, lego projects... Last night was no exception, after seeing what she is capable of coming up with, I set G the task of making her small little book. Using an A4 coloured paper, i simply cut them up to the right size, started the first sentence, and voila! after a good half an hour of writing by herself (and only asking once on the sp of 'celebration'), she proudly presented her little short story to me! Here it is:
"My Princess Story" written by Grace Lee (she wanted to write her name in cursive, hence the wierd alphabets)

Hope you enjoyed the little story!! I certainly did and i still lol at the way it is so matter-of-fact - "her mother the queen said she must marry a prince and so she did... " hahaha..

The behind the scenes pictures.

G writing her story...
K was also supposed to be making her little book, but she became quite bored after awhile, and found a much better activity - cutting up paper! heh.


Carol & Eddy said...

What a sweet story indeed! Well done, girl.

sweet craf-tea chick said...

so adorable! your little one is so sweet. thanks for sharing and have a great day! *hugs* steph :)