September 01, 2010

[Happy Teacher's Day!]

To the most hardworking teachers that I know: Happy Teacher's Day!!! :)
Here's what we made for the teachers this year:I suggested that G wrote a little story to all her teachers... I started out the first 2 lines:
I wrote : "once upon a time, there were 4 teachers and 1 kindergarten. One day....... "
G wrote : .... they went out for a walk and they spotted a nice sunny place to have a picnic (mostly inspired by the end of term activity, which was going to be a picnic) they had lots of yummy food. they enjoyed the food very mach. the end.
After the story, she drew a picture of the picnic mat with all the yummy food placed in a picnic basket. :) Super cute.... and to think that there were almost zero spelling errors!!
Added some handmade notepads....
K did some sketches too. She wasn't very specific to what she was drawing....
Although this one above is definitely a Barney Fairy. lol. I love her little cute figurines, i think I will pilfer some for embroidering onto my clutches!
Finally, all wrapped up! Hope the teachers like it! :)
It was very fun making them.... (p.s. having a photocopier is a BIG plus at home)

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