August 30, 2010

[holidays and lazy days]

Please excuse the non-updates on both FB and my blog.... the reason? The main subject of both outlets have gone on holiday! Yup.. this time around, my very brave parents brought BOTH girls back to my grandparents hometown for a visit. It was four whole days of returning back to our lives sans the girls. No constant refrain of "hurry up" and "don't be rude", no waking up at 6+am every morning to get the girls ready for school, no need for schedules. Luckily for us, work was also at a lull period (by our own choice!) and there were no pressing presentations to prepare or meetings to rush around to. It might just be a few days, but it was certainly a good few days to remember what it was like before the kids overtook our lives! Time was spent just wandering about rather aimlessly, having dinner that stretched over half an hour... making time for cultural visits to the museum, catching some late night movies.... i definitely do miss the girls, but these past few days were really great to catch up on just being us (thanks to mummy and papa!) And the silence! oooo the silence!
Here's some pics from our What's App (brilliant app!) diary of the past few days - mostly pictures sent between us and the girls :

G and K were each given a budget of RM50 for the trip. G was so good with her mathematics that she wow-ed all the relatives back home by knowing exactly how much she could spend, on what she wanted to spend her precious 'budget' on, and which things are more 'worth it' than others.
The fantastic exhibition by Cai Guo Qiang is on now at the National Museum. Seeing 99 life-size wolves charging towards a glass wall in an energetic spiral leaves one feeling awestruck at the work, no matter how much you go into the underlying concept of the piece.
A pic of me in my new dress, to which G replied - Silly Dress, i love you mummy, From : Grace
V at the museum
Visited S at the hospital with her brand new baby - K ... *sidenote : this is the 3rd newborn i'm welcoming in just 1 week! and nope, it's not making me clucky!
G with her other purchase, her almost lifesize dolly which she has christened - Polly. Apparently Polly is my 3rd daughter!!
K with her treasured splurge - a minnie mouse bag. According to G, she didn't take any notice of the 'budget' at all! luckily for K, most of the other items she bought were within the budget. heh.
Our yummy japanese dinner.... we had japanese on both nights out!!These were taken just before the trip, we went to a nearby playground.... just looking at these pics of the 2 of them make me smile.

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