August 22, 2010

[the weekend again!]

Time really flies by! It's the weekend again and we went to the nearby parks to explore a garden (the ecogarden) which we have not visited in quite awhile. It was brilliant weather to be walking in the park, the sort of fresh, after the rain sort of fern-y smells. The dry and cool breeze, not at all humid even though we were walking in the rainforest. The colours! Soooo nice and soothing. It was a great experience for the girls too, they loved the green-ness and richness of the whole scenery.
V and the girls at the start of the walk.
Strutting along, they have their own accessories, G with her cap, bracelets and necklace, K with her own little bag.
Making silly faces at each other
A good shot, can't believe how much G has grown!! She's almost 1.2m now!
Me and the girls...
The colours are textures were so lovely! This is moss and lichen on a rock.
The prehistoric landscape - 450million years ago!
Doesn't this look like brocolli?
Some parsley looking fern.I love these shots in front of the mossey greens.... :) This is about halfway through our 45min walk, the girls really were quite good at lasting, although K kept complaining about being tired.
Us again.
V took these textures....
Green green ferns
Grey black rocks
SUPER tired girls! We stopped for a much needed break with crackers and water.
So proud of them! We will try to do this more often, nothing like a good morning walk to set the weekend out right! :)

Lately, we have seen G trying to invent stories on her own. Usually it's with sketches and drawings, but with the latest Charlie and Lola magazine, there was a blank book for filling up with your own stories (btw, G LOVES C&L mags, they keep her entertained for quite long and are very age-appropriate with all the crafts and interesting games) Her very first attempt!
Once upon a time there was a big SCARY .... underwear She was feemaLe and she was very patrry i Like her She has Lots of frinds Her frind is the monster He Lives In the fortese I like him He's stupid.....
the Monster's frind was the bull i Like him He's handsome His Girlfrind is the underwear...
They watch TV ewryday The End.

lol..... :)

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