October 05, 2010

[life is going too fast and the blog is lagging.... ]

So many things have happened in the week, I've been meaning so often to blog about it, and to at least put down in words my feelings, my thoughts, my reactions... But as will all things, the daily grind just gets to me and there just isn't enough minutes and hours in each day to just write them all down! Sigh. I will definitely try to revive this much neglected blog.... I've been looking at the archives quite a lot (hence the non blogging too!) and realised that there used to be so much I was posting! More about how it FELT like, not so much of what we DID. I know.... it's difficult to get into a particularly pensive frame of mind, to reflect and pen down all those growing pains. I really do need to do so though, as the days and years slip by so fast!

So... first off, THANKS for all the birthday wishes, on FB, via SMS, via email..... :) Feeling very loved..... Will post a separate post on the pictures taken!

Here's what we did over the weekend, we finally visited the Farmer's Market, at Loewen road. It is such a quaint little cluster of buildings. The girls loved the playground, the courtyard, and best of all, the "treat" sized samples of everything from pate to chocolate to honey!

Wire cars at the playground. Love the simplicity and the colours!
G on the slides....
Leg of lamb. I remember G asking me about this, she was very surprised that this is how ham and other cured meat came about. After explaining it to her, she then asked how the lamb was going to walk?! I said they will have to slaughter the animal before cooking it, and also that all our meat that we eat used to be animals too, and that's why some people are vegetarian. She was REALLY surprised! I didn't realise that she had no idea about this! Anyways, I finally asked her after it all if she would like to be vegetarian, and she said - erm, no more boney boney? then, NOPE! haha.....

K in the summery courtyard
They loved the courtyard and I loved the shop! :)

The protective daddy taking pictures of them through the door of the trampoline.
Made this in the afternoon, as K was napping :)

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