October 11, 2010

[She's 3!!!!]

To the sweetest and most adorable little girl, to your funny funny expressions, to the cutest and cheekiest grins, to the way you will come over and hug us all the time, to the little attempts at being a 'big girl', to how you will slip in those grownup words - assume?! - and shock us with how much you know, to our littlest one, who is not quite so little anymore - HAPPY 3rd BIRTHDAY!!!!
1st off, she had her birthday celebration in school, her 1st in the school! Understandably, she was really excited!!!
We also had to prep G up as this was the 1st time she will have another person in the limelight in school... turned out much better than expected!
She's explaining to K what the various compartments in the plate were for. It's really sweet when she's a very good big jie jie.
Happy birthday song!
Goodie bags this year consisted of a kit for a cootiecatcher, some personalised stickers, and of course, a bag of candy! :) All the templates for the goodies are from HERE.....,In all her birthday finery!!
Homemade cake decorations.... :) Cake is the superstacked chocolate (gosh even typing that sounds so sinful!) from Awfully Choc.... VERY rich and yummy!
Celebration #2 was at New House, we had a smaller cake, also from Awfully Choc, but the banana and Choc one. :)
Finally, on her actual birthday, K's birthday present from an indulgent Kong kong is a full day at Universal Studio! She quite enjoyed herself, although she was too scared of the loud noises at some of the rides.

Look at all her different expressions!!! :)

LOVE YOU TO BITS my little 3 yr old!! :)


playfulmeowz said...

Happy Birthday indeed, K! I love her expressions in the series of photos when in Disneyland. Priceless!

PS: may i know where you got her pink and grey top from?

playfulmeowz said...

hi Jacqueline. just to let you know that the link to the templates is actually to a photo of K in her lovely white dress...

Sandy Ang said...

Looks like a great party - love the fabulous cakes !