October 31, 2010

[HAPPEE day!]

We spent a good day out at Hort Park last saturday. It was a HAPPEE Day indeed.... all for a good cause, organised by a truly amazing fellow blogger mum - Daphne, the event was attended by so many people, with lots and lots of kid-friendly activities. :) We were humbled to be amongst children and their parents, who have been (and still are) battling with cancer. There were a few awkward moments when the girls stared and asked many many questions about why some of the children did not have hair, were scarred, looked sickly. We explained best as we could about them all, and I suppose kids being kids, they just took it at face value and then continued doing what they do best - eat all the goodies, vie for a spot at the balloon maker's queue, run about and generally bounce off the walls due to the high amount of sugar they ingested!
Thanks to everybody for the hardwork at pulling off this event, it definitely made me and everybody that attended much more aware of this cause.... more details are to be found here.
V & K, the weather cleared up after a slight shower just at the right time!
G at the bouncy castle
Me, K and cinderella at the grounds.
G waiting in line for some body art.
G and the fantastic Queenie decorating her arms. She really is one of the best face painters i've seen!
The really cool balloon sculptor, who is the first balloon sculptor that could make princesses!! To the delight of both girls, they each had a princess balloon to bring back.... (although G's ariel popped before we went home)
K bringing her cinderella balloon with her everywhere
G looking quite upset as I didn't allow the 2nd serving of icecream...The girls decorating a cupcake and cake - K really just eating the icing more than anything!
The finished decorated cake!

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Bryan Tan said...

wow hellow there! I was just browsing through the internet and I happened to see myself! :) amazing! Anyway yesyes that event was quite awhile back :) I would love to make your kids more balloon creations the next time we meet :)