October 06, 2010

[Happy Birthday to me]

I'm now officially nearer to the big "4-0" than 30! :) This year has been such an eventful year, settling into our new home, getting into the whole Parental Volunteer program at RGPS, getting into the whole 'home / work' schedule as both girls are in Kindie now. Celebrations started last weekend when we had 2 birthday dinners at seafood restaurants! As I had the craving for crab, first we had the more traditional chillie crab at Jumbo dempsey on Sat, followed by the Beehoon crab at Long Beach on Sun! :) Yum yum... heh.
For my little own birthday treat to myself, we booked a photostudio at Chinatown (thanks to Tubbykat for her recommendation; incidentally, she has her own studio on the same street - they take lovely children & family pix too!) It was such an easy booking, just a few emails, and we were booked in for 1.5 hrs on a weekday. Luckily, K slept for a little bit before the shoot, and amazingly, they lasted for almost the whole shoot in good spirits!
Here are some of the selected ones (we took close to 900+ pictures in all, from there, I selected 100+, which for those of you who are interested, they are HERE)

1.5hrs later and a full flash card of pictures, we had a nice treat of icecream and chinese desserts at chinatown. I would definitely do this all again and maybe even with my girlfriends! It's such an affordable option, one of the best things to be doing while the children are growing up. :)
Loved my birthday present and maybe this will turn into an annual tradition!

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playfulmeowz said...

wishing you a happy belated birthday, Jacqueline!

What lovely shots! It's good to take photos of the family together. More often than not, someone's always behind the camera and left out...And it's a fantastic idea to have a session with your girlfriends