December 12, 2009

[Hongkong trip - Day 02]

It's been a bit of a hectic week, with the children being off school and we've to run lots of errands with regards to the renovations for the new place..... plus we're all getting sniffy and been taking lots of early nites. So, better late than never! :)
Here's the rest of the trip pictures (although most of you would have already seen it on FB!)..
We stayed HERE, there is a deal now with Cathay Pacific - it was pretty good- we only paid for 4 for a party of 6! :) This is complete with all transfers and entry to the park. So that's the annual holiday budget sorted!!
The hotel itself was pretty good - generous space, lots of pretty grounds. (see my last post on the cons.. )
U can just about make out G in the background running away!
My little princess with Mickey, she was a bit upset that there wasn't any Minnie figurines to take pictures with....
the travelling party
G being a bit grumpy with K cos she had the choice seat....I love the pics that V took of the girls at the playground
K running after somebody else's remote controlled car..
K at the playground... she looks tiny here!
Me and G, i love her smile!
G's favorite Princess....My own little princess...
In love! She was sooo thrilled to be taking pictures with these princesses.... we had to wait half an hour for their appearance but it was soo worth it, as we were first in line and had a great time posing and talking with them... (side note - they were about the only few characters that "talked", the rest of the characters were quite mute)
K LOVES minnie.... she was really thrilled to be here....
G all flushed and being cranky in the queue
Waiting for Mickey...
G looks super grown up here, i can almost imagine her in her teens..... boohooo.... growing up too quick!
K loves Mickey, sometimes she will choose Mickey over Minnie! She was a little bit shy about meeting the characters, but she did tell me that the Mickey was a bit ugly... haha, not sure why? I think it might be cos he wasn't wearing yellow shoes... lol....
Our one and only decent family pic..
The 2 girls waiting in line....
G and the super playful Pluto, he scared K away, so it was only G here.

Okay! More pics soon to come...... (next time with links of good eats and shopping places we enjoyed in this trip)

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