July 04, 2010

[kindie days]

I have often blogged about the kindie that both G and K attend. It is one of the best 'coincidental' discoveries that we've made. Ever since G was 2 and a half, she has been attending this kindie and this year, K joined her there. After every term, the teachers painstakingly compile a CD of pictures and videos for the children that go there (no mean feat given that there are more than 50 kids!). Here are my favorite selection from each:

K's first term was a mish-mash of different emotions. It took her about 2 whole weeks to adjust to the 'going to school' routine, with a few days of separation anxiety. We were assured it was very normal, although G didn't go through that at all when she first started!
There were days of fun and play
K loves doing this, she's usually on the phone to her own imaginery friends - usually Cinderella.
Then there were days of inconsolable crying, heartbreaking for us as we try to leave her every morning. Thankfully, the teachers usually manage to distract her.Soon, she became used to the routine of school and her true personality surfaces. She loves making friends and would come back with lots of stories to tell about what she and her friends do in school.
K and her good friend E playing at school. The girls love the make believe tea and party sets at school. It is amazing at this young age, how gender specific the kids are! (K - girls play with girlie things like dress up and princesses, boys play with Ben 10 and guns!)
She looks so cute here! K was thrilled when I went on the school excursions with her
And of course, being daddy's girl, she stuck with daddy the whole time at the end of term party.Our little princess K, you have settled in so well into school this first term! We are so proud of you! Your personality at 2.5 is incredibly sweet, you would be occasionally clingy to us but gradually you are asserting your independence at all fronts. You are such a loving child, your little arms grab us constantly to deliver those spur of the moment hugs and kisses. You will not hesitate to come to us or your sister for reassurances, usually it is no more than an arm hug, but it shows us how much you value us being around. You love and look up to G with the cutest adoration. Whenever there are any gifts or privilages given to you, without fail, you will ask the same for your sister. You are such a careful and conscientious child, you will actually line up all your shoes after taking them off. You have an infectious laughter, collapsing in giggly fits anytime your sister makes a funny face, or if we give you a little tickle. I love sniffing into your warm neck while carrying you, while you grab my neck with your chubby hands. I love watching you articulate yourself in full sentences, deciphering your more and more intelligible conversations that used to be only understood by a select few. Most of all, I love watching your personality emerge, your own brand of humour, your neverending questions.

It is G's 3rd year in the kindie and she has literally grown up there. She was as tiny as K when she first joined, and now she is about twice as tall!
G loves reading and often brings her books for "show and tell"
Concentrating on creating the Mother's day gift - a customised apron.
She loves building things, often engrossed in Lego building at home.
A little photo frameG with her friends from school, most of them have also 'grown up' at the kindieOne of her favorite spots in school, the Kangaroo climber... :)

Dearest G, we have grown as parents with you, being the firstborn, you had all our attention for the first few years, but also had to put up with lots of inconsistencies as we went through Parenting 101. We couldn't have asked for a better first child as you brought with you the most extreme of emotions. You can be very happy and delightful one moment, and the next, a sulky defiant shouty girl, only to snap back into a giggly laughing child if you're able to be distracted from your tantrum. You are a mass of contradictions. You are incredibly matured and aware of emotional nuances in the people around you, and yet will not know how to control your own emotions, usually what we see is what we get with you. Ever since you were little, you have been so great at expressing your emotions, your moods. Whenever we have our little chats, your clarity in analysing the situation humbles us. You read so well and have taken to carrying a little book with you wherever you go. You remind me so much of myself at this age (although I'm sure you are much more advanced in your reading!) We worry not only about your eyesight and your teeth, we worry about the pitfalls and trials that will be ahead, as you grow up so quickly, we worry as only parents will worry. You are incredibly headstrong and determined, so we hope that you will be able to derive fun and happiness no matter what you do. This last term at school, we watched how you are able to put aside your jealous streak towards your little sister, and show her so much love and attention at the kindie, while she adjusts to the momentum of school. We try to understand your behavior towards K, try not to think too much when you display that mean streak, knowing that it is not a personality trait but just a cry for attention. Most of all, G, you are the most unique 5 yr old we know and we hope that we will continue to always see and nurture the positive aspects of your personality.
Trying to find out what K wants to play
Helpful big sister.

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