July 30, 2010

[KL weekend]

Last weekend, we drove up to KL to celebrate my grandma's 80th birthday. It took us about half a day to get there, with my dad and V alternating the driving. All in all, the trip was pretty smooth sailing, the girls took it quite well, only getting cranky after we were slightly lost in Malacca and when we arrived in the jam at KL. As my cousins and aunts & uncles are scattered all over Malaysia and Singapore, we decided that KL was an ideal meeting place for everybody to meet. It was indeed an ideal location as we too had to be there for work.
In KL, one of the best things to do had to be eating. We were brought from one good food place to the next, we had satay at a relatives garden, where the satay man arrived in his bike with all the equipment and food, proceeded to cook the satay on the spot and left when the party ended! Talk about fast food on the go! :) Unfortunately, it was pretty dark and we were all pretty tired after all the driving, so I didn't get to take proper photos of Mr satay man.
As the girls are older, we stayed in the Bukit Bintang surrounds, right opposite the latest Pavilion Mall, we spent quite a lot of time there - having breakfast a very good japanese bakery - LOAF; reading at the bookstore; buying lots of toys on sale at ELC (our weekend coincided with the start of the month long annual sale! YAY!)
The surprisingly clean river at Malacca - i always remembered it as a smelly horrible canal like waterbody, but it has since been cleaned up! And there are lots of new establishments too, so much so that we had a hard time locating our old favorites like the chicken rice balls and chendol dessert stall. (btw, do not have the chicken rice balls, it is super touristy now and the quality has dropped dismally! Even G tried the rice ball and said she preferred the singapore version!)
Clowing around at breakfast.
Me and my mum.
K and her kong kong
G perfecting the "snob" look
V and K, this little one is such a daddy's girl, always asking for V to sleep with her
Of course G had to be in the picture too.... can you imagine, she brought along accessories for this trip!!
V and his girls

*Side note : for children between the ages of 3-12, we discovered a brilliant place to while away a good part of the weekend - Petrosains Discovery Centre. It is on the 4th floor of the Suria mall, right at the foot of the Petronas Towers. A huge space, with it's own internal electronic ride, it is full of really interesting things to see and do. It took us about half a day to walk through all the exhibits, and with older children, I'm sure they would be able to last a whole day there! I must say we were really impressed by the exhibits, much much better than the Singapore Science centre! Definately would go again on our next trip to KL with the girls.

For the next leg of our 'work' (ahem!) trip, we stayed at the Hotel Maya. We loved it's location and it's our hotel of choice in KL.
The heated pool and jacuzzi.G dove straight into the pool, whilst K slept on in her pram
They LOVED the big tub as usual..... Although for most of the other days, they also had a huge jacuzzi at their disposal!

All in all, a great trip up north. We'll probably do this again soon as our project will last till the end of the year.


The Kam family said...

First time reading your blog.

What first attracted me to your blog was that you said you are an architect. I am not, my hubby is. It interests me to find out how you manage to handles your two lovely girls with your job (as to that my hub is ALWAYS so busy!). Are you running your own business?

And yes, I totally agree the Petrosains is a real gem in the middle of the KL city! We didn't manage to spend much time there, but we will definitely go back. So much better and more impressive than the Singapore Science Centre, right?! We made our trip to KL one week after yours :-)

JACQ said...

Hi! Thanks for your comment. :) Yes, me and my husband are both architects. We just started up our own firm a couple of years ago. It has been great, more flexible times to spend with the girls.
We used to be like your husband, always working till late at the office. Now that we have our own firm, we still work late, but at least we can take breaks when the girls are around and spend time with them. :)