November 14, 2010

[of weekends and blogs]

I was looking back at my archives and realised that I'm posting sooo much less now! Bad me! :P It used to be at least 3 or 4 times a week, which have dwindled to just once and sometimes none.... sigh. I guess it's all to do with how much time I actually spend crafting and taking pictures of said crafts. I used to be also a lot more 'diligent' in documenting and making stuff! I remember getting up at ungodly hours of 4 or 5am to do my crafts, but these days, I'm lucky if I wake up at the same time as the girls! Also, because both girls are older now, we have our weekends full of trips out, coupled with their regular classes (gym and ballet), which take up lots of time ferrying them here and there. I think mostly it is the inertia of blogging that has held back those posts. The sense of whether I'm blogging about anything worth talking / discussing about? Lots of other blogs which I've been following seem to have this problem.
But I must say, I've discovered some new blogs which has made me inspired again to blog more. Not only on being 'crafty', but on topics that are to do with mothering, setting up my own practice, on issues plagued by all singaporean parents etc. I guess it should be more of an outlet for discussing issues close to our hearts, so that when I look back at my days in future, I will be able to remember what it felt like and what I thought about. (given the mummy brain cells that are constantly dwindling!)
So, here's what we did this weekend-
We headed off on Saturday morning for this event that was held at the Old Ford Factory. We always wanted to take a look at the museum, attracted by the historical building. Sadly, after all the anticipation, we were super disappointed at the exhibits. First off, it felt like somebody just enlarged bits of the history textbook and laid them out on panels after panels. Then, they just collected and placed old furniture here and there. Most disappointing of all, we expected the exhibition to engage the space (that of the wonderfully preserved postmodern building of the Ford Factory), but it was merely housed in an unimaginative room. One wonders what is being used in the rest of the more interesting spaces? It is yet another one of the unimaginative and dry exhibition spaces in Singapore :(. Usually, the curators are more intent on bringing out the said topic to the viewers, but totally disregard the space that the exhibition is being housed in. It is really sad but the 'museum' that we have just walked through could have taken place anywhere - in a classroom, mall or even a shed. V spoke at length about it Here. Compare this with the V&A, Tate or Natural History Museum in London. Incredibly frustrating for us!!

All in all, the girls quite enjoyed the activities put up though, and it was quite late before we left the museum, to enjoy a late lunch at Bukit Timah Shopping Centre of yummy chicken rice!!! :)
K with her sketch of a superhero.C and her daddy drawing a Super Snuffles.
K with her artwork on the wall!
Favorite pose
G playing with the plasticine at the museum.

Have a good rainy weekend!!!

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