November 25, 2010

[Year End Hols]

We attended the girls concert last week, and K was thrilled to be finally 'performing' on stage! She gave a really good performance. Also, G is much more involved in the year end performance, now that she's in K1. So proud to watch her pour her whole heart and soul into the performances, she was really good with all the acts, remembering all the steps, and to have a big smiley face on all the time too! Getting all teary and emotional thinking that next year will be her graduation year from the kindie :P
Made some gingerbread girls cookies for her friends just before the concert... (it turned out a little bit hard though, anybody with a good cookie recipe to share?)
G in her chinese dance. She was so cute about this 'finale' act, she kept saying that it was a secret, but will of course not be able to keep it really secret. As the girls had to change into this chinese costume before the dance (supposedly unaided backstage), G was very specific about what she needed to wear to the concert - 'no buttons and zips mummy, i can't do them up in time!' :)
All the girls in her class.
K and gong gong watching
G, clowning around with her friends at the hall post concert (can just about see K in the distance watching on) ... not sure if these are the things they do normally in school ie. roll around on the floor!

The girls spent their first week of the school hols doing lots of stuff in the mornings. They were sooo happy to be not going to school everyday, of course waking up MUCH earlier than when they needed to be in school! We borrowed lots of books from the library over the weekend, as there is a 'double book' incentive going on at the libraries. Best of all, they also borrowed their favorite dvds, which is currently 'Charlie and Lola'. We've been watching these mostly first thing in the morning, just before breakfast.

I've had sometime too over the weekend to complete some orders and some scrapping...
Finally starting to scrap some of the photos from the photoshoot we did.

This pic of V and G really cracks me up all the time
Completed some monogram alphabets for my online shop.
Some bibs for 2 newborn babies... (for our clients in the F&B line so the takeaway lunch boxes packaging are so apt!)
Clowning around at GAP trying on some winter clothing...

Now we're finishing up on our work in order to have a long weekend up in KL, attending a wedding! Have a good weekend - ours will start tonight! :)

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