December 07, 2010

[Trip #01 - 4 days 3 nights KL]

The blog has been suffering as from non-entries as since the holidays started, we had 2 long weekend of trips back to back for the last week of Nov and the 1st week of Dec. Both with family, the 1st was a self-drive holiday to KL for a good family friend's wedding. Here are the pics:
We had our regular mid-journey break for brunch at Yong Peng (it's about 2 hrs from SG, so about half-way mark to KL)
One of the best ko lo mee.... in my opinion! :)
Yum.... As soon as we reached the hotel, it was straight to the pool!!
The wedding was to be held at the Saujana Golf resort, so it was a really relaxing out of city sort of holiday for us. The girls of course had so much fun in the pool and bathtub! :)
Yummy snacks to keep them recharged - chicken wings, fries and satay :)these kids can't wait to jump into the pool. They just can't resist the pool, dipping their feet in it while waiting for daddy to come back with the floats.All nice and bundled up after the swim.
Wedding day! G with the gorgeous bride.Girls, mum and the handsome groom.
K and me posing in front of the church
K posing in the pews.
haha, wedding sermons are too longwinded for the little ones...
K and V before the wedding dinner, all dressed up.
Me and the girls. (G's top is just $3 at the discount shop! Love how it fits so well.... score!)
A lovely out of the way place that was researched online HERE, and found using our trusty GPS.
Sorry for the less-than-stellar photos, there wasn't too much light indoors. It was really good food though, in vibrant, atmospheric interiors.

Yummy yummy desserts to end a wonderful meal! Better reviews on this restaurant HERE and HERE.

Apart from eating well and resting with the girls at the poolside everyday, the most eventful part of this trip has to be my broken tooth. It was one of the worst thing to happen on a holiday, i'm just glad it happened on a really short trip, and not one of those "saving up for a year" sort of trips! It was a broken upper molar, which made my gums swell and bleed, and I couldn't chew or move my mouth very much for the last few days of the trip. Thankfully, it was rectified just before the 2nd trip, otherwise I will be like a bear with a sore head (or sore jaw) throughout the trip :P

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