December 13, 2010

[Xmas orders...]

Wow, 3rd post today!! I'm on a roll.... heh... and I might even do a 4th one for our "not yet recorded" cameron highlands trip!

Anyways, just wanted to let those who have asked know, Xmas orders of all handmade items will end by this weekend - 17th Dec, which for local orders will just about leave me enough time to get them all out of the way in the week before Xmas!
Here's what I've been hard at work making -
Monograms from A-Z.... :) *corny i know!
and a little W in between.....
Lots of handmade Xmas cards, they come sold singly or in a pack of 3.

They are all unique, so please state which pack of these limited editions cards you would like when ordering!

Leave me a comment here, or just email me at jacqvic [at] gmail [dot] com for prices and other specifications... TFL!

Happy Xmas shopping, we did a little last weekend, but will probably do the MAJOR ones while the kids are with my parents and we take a longer lunch hour shopping....

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