December 15, 2010

[Ipoh+Cameron Trip Day 01]

It was a whirlwind 3 days 2 nights trip with the family, organised by my eldest aunt, in a bid to have all her brothers and sisters, together with their respective families, to spend time together! This matriachal mission was indeed a success and the best thing about the trip has to be the time spent with various family, whom otherwise we meet only on occassions like birthdays and housewarmings. The best thing about it all had to also be the close bond that G and her cousin E shared throughout the trip, it was heartwarming especially to me, as me and my cousin (E's mum) grew up in each others pockets, meeting every single day at our grandma's when we were growing up, and subsequently every other weekend at our weekly grandma visits. Temperament wise, the 2 girls were really similar too to me and my cousin, to anyone looking at them, they might very well be us 30 years ago!
We chartered a 20-seater bus for the journey, which is great on legroom and comfort, but for my post-pregnancy bladder, was really not the most comfortable journey up north.
K fresh and bright after napping in the bus while we cross the border after we met at 630am!
V and G
Little V, same age as K, these 2 didn't really hit it off as closely as the older 2, but it was fun to watch them together.
Bagging seats together
Luckily E brought card games, and V contributed some too after stocking up at the pitstop.
The itinery for the day was a stopover at Ipoh, where we will be visiting some caves and the local hotspring, after which will be a night at the hotel.
G and K at the hotsprings.
Monkey faces
Finally, a nice-ish picture of the both of them
The waters at some parts of the hotsprings were hot enough to cook eggs!!! K posing on the line on the floor
Dipping our feet into the 'not so hot' water. Somehow, in temperatures of 30+ degrees, a hotspring just seems WRONG...
G didn't mind the bizarreness of soaking in hot water though, she would strip off to nothing and swim in it if allowed!!
My uncle showing the cooked egg....
It was cooked to perfection, creamy yolks with just set egg whites. K and everybody else, LOVED it!!

So after this afternoon snack, we were herded off again for dinner, at a restaurant (to the relief of E, who was greatly afraid of encountering all the pesky flies that swarmed most coffeeshops in Malaysia)....

It was quite a fun experience, and being the nearest hotspring venue, it seems quite a nice short trip with the girls to plan for in future. However, we will probably book into this one - HERE... :)

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