December 13, 2010

[Gap Casting Call - Vivocity]

We were in 2 minds as to enter the girls into the Casting Call. Not so much of the exposure, but more of the required logistics of the inevitable waiting, coordinating the weekend activities such that we head down to the outlets at the specified timing. In the end, we decided that if we were able to find items that will fall into the prerequisite $80 spend, then we will enter one of them into the casting call.

So, we were there about 1130am, and already, there was a long queue. Being the "kiasu" parents, we decided to split up our resources, one of us queued while the other was to check out the kids + baby clothing department. We probably queued for about an hour or so, luckily my SIL and MIL were around to keep the girls entertained, they were in and out of the shop, so didn't get too cranky. It was quite an eye-opener to see the sort of parents (and kids) that came for the casting call. There were all sorts - the super duper crazed type, who actually applied make up on their toddlers (?!?!?) and the very 'bo-chap' type, who were there merely because they had already purchased their items, so might as well join in the hype. Not surprisingly, the kids mostly won't really co-operate once on the podium. K was stage struck and did her trade-mark grin, but it was not natural at all. Owells, it was a great experience anyhow, and please help to support her by voting at the FaceBook site....
Here's the notice outside the outlet in Vivocity.
K practising her facial expressions while in the queue with V
G looking so grownup and happy.
The queue..... babies were sleeping in arms, in prams etc....
K in the photoshoot....
Standing up pose
The queue when we left, which had grown to twice the size!

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