December 13, 2010

[Farmer's Market @ Loewen Gardens]

We 'discovered' this quaint little courtyard sometime ago when we attended our first Farmer's Market event (bi-weekly saturday morning event) and have been back a few times since just for breakfast.
Taking advantage of the holidays, I brought the girls there last Friday to meetup with an old friend, who had 2 little boys of her own. They had sooo much fun! It really felt like we were in Melbourne or one of the little cafes in London. They especially loved the trampoline. Look at their sweaty faces!
K on the trampoline
Sweaty sweaty!
G prancing about. She LOVED the trampoline, much much more than K did
Trying out the wheelie bike
Enjoying their much needed ice-cold juice!

Ah, there should be many more places like this in Singapore, no matter the weather, because if it was well sheltered (with canopies of trees or tents), it is really so nice to be outdoors!

p.s. the lemon curd & scones are super scrumptious!

The next day, Saturday morning, was the Xmas market, so we brought the girls back again:
Trying out the all natural frozen desserts
Amazing tasting frozen mangoes- so easy!
In the courtyard play space.
K and her lollie
G, she looks so grownup here!!

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jessie said...

Jacq, where is this place? can provide me with more info or do they have a website? want to visit for sure.