December 20, 2010

[Ipoh+Cameron Trip Day 02 + 03]

We continued our journey up into the highlands today.... There was a lot of this:
The great thing abt the 20-seater bus was that all seats recline fully, so K was super comfy taking her long morning and afternoon naps!
We visited some temples before heading up to the mountains, this one had fabled creatures curiously truncated at the legs as part of it's courtyard decorations. G of course had to start climbing ALL of them!
G's favorite uncle (he's 4 yrs older but a generation older) who had to very patiently demonstrate how to blow the perfect bubblegum bubble to her.
Us in the tortoise clearing. According to the guide and V's aunt who's from Ipoh, this clearing in the caves have been here for ages and the turtles are probably decades old! It is quite an amazing space, one had to literally walk through the limestone caves, through half a mountain, before arriving here! And there was a temple built in it!! I wonder how the architects and contractors devised a way to construct it..
V took this shot of me and K, i love that it had that fleeting sense of a paparazi shot.Next stop was halfway up the highlands, at the cactus farm. It was really fun! And the weather at this altitude was a cool 20degrees, a good 10 degrees cooler than the lowlands....
Prickly balls of cactiiThese 2 had sooo much fun playing and joking the whole trip! Not a single quarrel!!
K and my dad, posing in front of the tea plantation. It was a pity we couldn't walk into the plantation as it was slippery and wet due to the recent showers. On the flip side, the rain made everything look so intense and green!
Family shot :)
Look at the rolling hills.... so nice!
Our little cluster of bungalows at the hotel. G loves posing. Actually it is quite scary that I used to be exactly like her at her age!! I have to scan and document, even our poses are the same!!

Would love to have stayed on longer, but it was back home after a scant afternoon in the highlands.. :( boohoo.... all that travelling!
The view from our hotel room.
The girls drawing and coloring the minute they step into the room.
Another shot of G by V
Blowing forget me nots
V and his girls, i love how close they are to him, how it is always possible to see one or 2 pairs of little hand hugging on to him.
Finally, a shot of the 2 littlest members of our family, K showing V her latest toy, a spongebob play blackberry no less!

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