December 31, 2010

[Hello 2011- the next 10 yrs]

Time really flew by these December holidays! From playdates to moviedates to just hanging out at home, the girls had lots of fun these quick quick weeks in December.
Here are some pics of the highlights:
We had a lazy morning out at the Playhouse at Rochester... very good and clean and A/C! playareas for both the older kids and the younger ones. Best of all, it was empty the 2 hours we were there!
The play equipment were a little bit juvenile for the older kids, but they still had quite a lot of fun improvising with them :)
Dinners were spent sometimes at Aston's, the coffeeshop grille house near our house. The girls LOVED the food there, finishing up their plates clean everytime we have dinner there!
Celebrating C's 3 yr old birthday party
The long awaited Xmas tree (which we decorated with rocking horses with pink and purple ribbons)
A few afternoons spent at West coast park, where this little one got all icky about the sandAnd this little one LOVED jumping and running about..
Borrowed lots of books from the library to try out different sorts of breads :)
My parents brought them to Jacob Ballas, a perennial favorite
More birthday parties! This is the girls first Macdonald's bday party. They loved almost everything, but of course were a teeny bit too competitive during game time!
Xmas eve at new house and the madness of giving pressies to 4 little ones!
Enjoying their Xmas pressies... this is on Xmas day itself :)
Waking up very early in the morning, these are the 2 presents we bought them - the rest have already been opened!

Playdates again, this time at S's place, with yummy lunch and lots of running around at the playground downstairs.We had 7 kids amongst the 3 of us!
Evenings were mostly spent playing board games, G and K received a wonderful pressie of Junior Pictionary from Auntie S, they had lots of fun making little sketches (well, G did, K kinda tried but we had to be given lots of hints... lol) Above is a sample sketch, the one on the right is "something you find in the kitchen" and the one on the left is "something to read". Can you guess? R: Blender; L: a page.. It was really fun playing with her and I was really impressed by some of the things that she has sketched out!

So, with that, we end 2010!!! The past few weeks of December have been a good mix of family and work time, we had quite a lot of days with the girls and it is indeed really heartwarming to spend so much time with them. They really are growing up so quickly!! In the year ahead, I really hope that we have the luxury and the commitment to spend time with them as much as we can.
Here's to everybody that we know and who reads this blog : HAPPY NEW YEAR!!! :)

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