January 01, 2011

[The girls - 2010]

The girls have grown up so much this year (well, i guess i say this every year!) Physically as well as emotionally. K is now talking and starting to emulate her sister in reading etc, physically she has grown at least a head taller, she can now reach the most of the lift buttons.... Incredible that just a year ago, she had just started eating well and not rely on a liquid diet of Pediasure. She is also much more assertive, especially in the sibling relationship (much to our dismay!) G has also grown up, she has shot up and stretched vertically! Everybody that meets her thinks she's 7 or 8, rather than a 5 yr old... Emotionally, she has also matured a whole lot this year. Even though occasionally she is still automatically jealous and hostile to her sister, she is learning to be less confrontational about it all. There are moments where she can be super big - sister-ish and take really good care of K, and then there are moments where she just cannot stand the sight of her! From talking to other mums with multiple children, all this is pretty normal i guess, and we just have to handle each situation on a case by case basis (but o! how tiresome they are!)

I thought it would be fun to see how the girls have grown in pictures, so here they are in chronological order through 2010:
February - Chinese New Year - the girls all dressed up to go visiting. I remember K was thrilled to carry her little bag around. This is probably the 1st CNY she remembers!
May - We brought K for her first Drama class at Act 3. She didn't quite enjoy it, although she dances and clowns around alot at home, she was very reserved during class. Same as G!
May - We brought the girls on a balmy weekend to Kent Ridge Park, K looks so little here!
June - Since we visited Sentosa so often while staying at New House, the girls insisted that we should go equally often after we moved. We love the ease of playdates there, this time we met up with G's good friend G, who we really should meet again soon!
June again - Sentosa again! We stayed at our regular hotel for our yearly 'stay-cation' there. Always fun for the girls, they enjoyed themselves so much...
July - A family trip up to KL, the girls loved staying in the hotel, we loved the good food and slow days!
More July - Safra Jurong and West Coast Park... doesn't K look tiny in these pictures? And so chubby too! While G is growing taller and leaner!
August - Another favorite weekend destination - the Botanical Gardens, we usually end up at Jacob Ballas for the playgrounds, but this particular visit, we walked from the carpark to the Pre-historic grounds, which was a good 15minute walk for the girls, they were real troopers!

September - Lots of picnics, which are so fun now that both girls can amuse themselves (even though sometimes it's as short as 15min!) These pictures were taken at Keppel Island.
September again - K looking all wistful at the science centre. We brought the girls there as they enjoyed the one in KL so much. They quite liked it, although K was more thrilled with the little car she 'drove' around and G just liked looking at the unhatched eggs.
October - A random pic of a typical afternoon at our place, as K naps, G will be reading one of her many books. We make it a point to visit the library if not every weekend then once bi-weekly. She loves reading and can always be seen with 1 or 2 books around her person. Favorites at this stage are still the Enid Blyton's.
October - Taken at K's birthday treat at Universal Studios. Look how she has grown! And G's a regular princess now. We love dressing both of them up.
November - Haha, yes, sometimes she chooses her entire outfit, from Tiara down to princess shoes.
November - The difference between K and G is captured in this shot. K often lapses into these semi-melancholic moods, where she can be in her own world and often is most sensitive at these moments. G has never really shown such traits, perpetually exhuberant and talking non-stop, the only times you catch her on the quiet is when she's eating or sleeping, and now when she's in fairy-tale land in her books.
December - We visited Mimolette near our place recently, this is pretty much how they are like whenever you ask them to pose!

A year seems such a long time before, but with the 2 of them, it seems to fly by so quickly! I guess it's mostly as they grow up, we try to treasure every little moment of their fleeting childhood lives. Here's to more beautiful memories and wonderful moments with these 2 little cheeky monkeys in 2011!!

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PAWLING | print studio said...

jacqueline, thanks so much for stopping by our blog. your girls are so cute! it's so great to see glimpses of singapore. we lived there for 6 yrs in primary/secondary school (our dad taught econ at NUS) and have only been back once since we left 10 yrs ago. things have changed so much! i peeked at the plystudio page too - would love to visit a hand burger shop in person! - trisha