January 17, 2011

[Mid Jan 2011]

Is it already mid-Jan!!! Gosh! how time flies. We are as usual frantically trying to get into sync with the whole work / home balance again. After the lethargy of the Xmas and New Year's break, where we managed to pretty much spend almost everyday with the girls, it is back now to the grind as the projects at work get more intense.
This year is the year of the Rabbit, which apparently will be a good year for the Rat. Not sure about the Tiger! Well, we shall see. :)
So, just a recap on the happenings in January, one of the most exciting thing will be the planning for our upcoming Japan trip!! Yay, it has been almost 4 years since we last visited Tokyo, at that time, with a barely 1.5 yrs old G. This will be the first holiday that we will take with just 4 of us. Ever since K was born, we have had benefit of the help of my parents on all our major holidays.... it will be fun to see how we cope with the 2 girls. I guess now that they are older, it should be pretty easy going. Especially with the promise of visiting Disneyland on the agenda!
Waiting for G to bring her some water from the sea
my 2 girls :) How big they are now!
All set for the snow in Japan!! :) V has been diligently buying up all the things to kit the girls out from eBay. The snow boots are a steal and K looks so cute in that Gymboree vest.
G has been asking to do some sewing projects with me, we borrowed a good book from the library and spent the lazy weekend doing lots of sewing projects :)
K's little elephant. K is surprisingly much more adept at sewing than her older sister. I put it down to the meticulous nature that she has inherited from V. She is more concerned about how she puts the next stitch down, unlike G who just wants to go through it quickly to see the end product (erm, like yours truly!)

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chance upon this blog via CreativeBusyBee. love your journal on the girls:). love the way you dress them too~! kawaii:p...

Enjoy the family trip and Happy Lunar New Year to you and your family.