January 24, 2011

[countdown to Japan!]

We can't wait for the trip to start, just 7 more days!! ..... every morning on the way to school, the girls will go : I wish we were in Japan now.... :) Heh, me too sweeties!
Anyways, we're all nursing colds so it was just as well that we are not travelling yet. Luckily the girls have recovered (keeping fingers crossed!) and they are quite well. It's really me and V that are trying to get rid of the persistent coughs and gravelly throats....

New Year festivities have started, and as most of the family will be travelling this Chinese New Year, we had our reunion lunch a few weeks earlier. Here are the pictures at the lunch:
Our very first Lou Hei at Tung Lok.
All the girls :)
"grand" uncle....
K showing V her new toy from ku ku
Me in soft focus
Little R, so cute!
K loved her new ballet pumps, she calls it her 'clipclop' shoes
A more civilised shot.

After lunch, to walk off the food and also since we were already in the east, we went to the nearby library to while away the afternoon, while K took her nap in the pram.
Since we were all dressed up, here are some shots of us with G.

In the library, I picked up this cookbook that was presented in the most unique and graphical way - such a delight to read!
*all the pictures were taken with the Nikon 50mm f1.4 lens which S so generously lent us. We're still getting the hang of it, as we're hoping to bring it along to Japan.

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meta-lodestar said...

Love the pics! I had fun playing with the lens too :)

Have a great trip in cold cold Japan while my family is in hot hot phuket!