February 01, 2011

[Tokyo: Day01]

Day 01- Singapore - Tokyo
We are here!! In japan!! G n K were so cute, we told them they had to be in bed early the night before the flight and they coorperated so well, falling asleep promptly at 8. We of course had lots of last minute packing and sorting out of stuff, so only managed to get to sleep at 11. The best thing abt the journey there was how all the logistics that were planned online in Singapore worked out really well.
This was what we did:
Cab to airport- 0400
Flight - 645-1330
Caught interterminal bus transfer- 1415-1430
Went to JR rail pass exchange office at T2 to exchange our passes. 1430 - 1445
supershuttle bus direct to asakusa - 1500-1600 (bus was early cos it was only us in the whole bus!) so we got into town at 345pm.
Short walk in FREEZING cold to hotel.
The girls loved the whole trip, G kept exclaiming- this is the best day of my life!!! Haha
Best of all, the
ryokan we booked into was spacious (2 big tatami rooms with 4 futons!), just next to convenient tube stations and right in the heart of old town Tokyo. Super traditional yet with all mod cons. Will have to do a separate post with links and pictures on all our accommodation.
Since the girls were so cold, we had to put on more layers and wrap them up more. :) Dinner was at a nearby soba ramen place that was deliciously filling. Not cheap though, but mostly due to the current exchange rate. G loved the eel rice and we managed to wake a sleeping k to have her dinner. After that, we went to the nearby uniqlo (almost every tube station had one nearby!) to stock up on essentials like stockings, leg warmers etc. Kids stuff were on sale and super cheap!!
Back in the hotel abt 8 but it has been dark for quite long so felt later. After a refreshing warm bath, we all promptly fell asleep! Even forgot to set the alarm, luckily woke up at 5ish, actually 6ish japan time.

Here are the pics of Day 01:
Happy girl boarding the plane
She loved the in air entertainment, video on demand channels had all her favorite movies!
Taking the shuttle bus
Our luggages and a hyper G trying to jump about to stay warm
Girls in front of the Super Shuttle Bus.
Arriving at the heart of Asakusa
K all bundled up with one of my handmade fleece blankie that kept her nice and snug (much to the envy of G)
V wheeling our 2 luggages to our hotel. Surprisingly easy, as we didn't have to navigate any steps from arrival to hotel. (another advantage over the NEX)
My little japanese doll
Domo arigato!


Phyllis said...

My muffin looks ssooooo CUTE in kimono!!

playfulmeowz said...

sounds like the start of wonderful and cold hol!

Would love to go to a cold place for hol, but the thought of packing so many things, plus strollers for kids, is daunting!