February 12, 2011

[Tokyo : Day 06 & 07 - Ueno, Shibuya, Harajuku, Daikanyama, Ebisu]

The weekend in Tokyo was supposed to be for us to get some good mornings at parks or shrines, then visit our fav Tokyo shopping haunts at various parts of the city. Of course, the last time we did this, we only had 1 child and she was pretty much sleeping the afternoon away. Plus she was pram bound. This time around, we had G who at 5 going on 6, wasn't allowed to be in the pram, and K who was quite happy being in it the whole day. Had quite a few arguments about this arrangement, but we stuck to our guns, and only caved in at Disney and also on the 1 day she literally fell asleep on her feet. So, we didn't get to accomplish much shopping-wise, but the girls hopefully did enjoy the experience of Tokyo, especially since we discovered some really cool kid-friendly places right in the heart of the city.

Taking pics in front of the Ryokan marks the start of our day
Walking up the slope to Ueno
G as usual, climbing everywhere
Peony exhibition at Ueno
So tall!
K watching her sister
On the swings -the favorite part of the park for the girls
Shopping at Ueno street markets
Lunch at Ottimo Kitchen - Very good PIZZA!
Reading at the bookstore in Ueno station
One of our best finds in Tokyo - the rooftop play space above TOKYU department store - so quaint!
K loved the playground

Riding the trike
G - pippi longstocking!
Her fav - bumper cars
And the rides were great too!
They sat on most - expensive though, 200Y each ride!
I hopped into one too

Enjoying their Morinaga chocolate icecream. It was so good we had 1 each!
Dinner was at the highly recommended MIDORI at Mark city. Lots of reviews about it online.
We ordered a seafood sushi platter - LOVED the sea urchin sushi
This was pretty good too!
Yum! Totally worth the half an hour or so queue to get in!
Sunday breakfast was Jap at the ryokan - Can't get enough of the food here! Super yummy...
G practicing using the camera - this is her taking a pic of us on the subway
We decided to hit the shops at Harajuku, forgoing the planned visit to Meiji Shrine as the girls should conserve their energy - especially G!
All dressed for shopping - comfortable shoes - check! wooley scarf - check! sling bag - check!
One of the 1st stops - Kiddyland!!! :)
The girls managed to entertain themselves pretty well while we browsed our shops, some toys we bribed them with helped of course!
Cool bikes in Tokyo - there were people riding everywhere! Didn't remember seeing so many cyclists when we were there last!
Such a cool car / truck / limo
Stopped for lunch at Maisen - thanks to M for the recommendation!
We were seated in the lower dining hall - really atmospheric! And super quick service too!
Can't wait for the camera to be put away and to dig into the food!
We found this little shop :) this year's birthday card?

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jessie said...

Hey, look very cold and fun... when we were there 2 years ago, we had the double pram so that both kids could sit on it comfortably and be shelter from the cold but it was a lot of hard work for the parents to be pushing the pram around. Luckily we only had 1 luggage to manage... after so many trips with the kids, we had somehow accepted the no-shopping fate many years ago....