February 03, 2011

[Happy Birthday mummy dearest]

We interrupt the trip log to bring you this special tribute:

No sacrifices for us are too difficult or too much for you
Not one day passes by where you are not concerned about our well-being
No one is more proud of what we have achieved and more happy with our little accomplishments than you (and papa)
Nobody gives me as much motivation to be a better mum than you do
No compliment is as good as when people say we look alike
No matter what we're doing, your unending support and help makes everything so much easier
No words can express our appreciation of your love
Nobody is closest to you than the girls are, their precious relationship with you i'm so thrilled and infinitely warmed to witness

We love you mummy / popo!

~ An ode to my dearest mummy with lots of love from J, V, G & K

On this special day, even though we're far away, you are in our hearts and we wish you a very good, healthy and beautiful year ahead.

Happy Birthday mummy.... the girls will probably call you soon to wish you Happy Birthday Popo!

Pictures from the birthday celebration at Jack's Pl in AMK (btw, the house special steak is meltingly delicious!)
The girls and popo
Family shot
She's 5!
K with icecream
Birthday cake. G very undiplomatically insisted on ALL the candles... haha
Little girls are great for cuddling!
As we were leaving for Japan in the early hours of the next morning, we decided to try to keep the girls awake (no naps) so they can fall asleep early in the night. K 'reading' in the library. On this occassion, 2 strangers came up to me to comment that she's 'super cute' and 'very good at talking'! Hah! i guess it's not often that they see kids who will talk 19 to a dozen the WHOLE 2 hours we were in the library....
Somebody has a new pair of glasses :)
G & K reading at the cafe. Love how G automatically offers to read to her sister.

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