February 09, 2011

[Takayama - Tokyo : Day 05]

Takayama - Tokyo : Day 05
Already halfway through our holiday!! Gosh time flies by. We woke to snowy flurries which gradually became heavy snowfall just as we were leaving. G wanted 1 last soak in the hotspring bath, this is definitely a life I can get used to!
Checked out of the lovely minshuku, where the landlady gave both girls a goodie bag of roasted beans from the festival last night. We had breakfast opposite the train station in a cute Anglo-cafe.
All too soon we bade goodbye to our snowy wonderland and G was the saddest little girl. She was literally playing with snow until the very last minute before boarding the train!!
V with our luggage
The anglo cafe where we had breakfast - this is just opposite the train station
Enjoying her toast and butter
Preparing to catch the train
Snow flurries really came down in earnest just before we left
K didn't really like it, she said it made her face wet and got into her eyes :)
G loved it needless to say!
Let's go catch our train!
Bye Bye mr snowman! We'll definitely be back!

Keeping entertained while we board the next train back from Nagoya
Clear signages
Happy to be 'back' in Tokyo!
At Sensoji
My Costume National boots (in cold storage since the london days) :) Finally had a chance to wear them.
V and his girls
Clowning around
K in lovely golden light

Local dinner
Look at all that FOOD!!!

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