February 13, 2011

[Tokyo : Day 09, 10 - Tokyo Metropolitan Children's Hall & Asakusa]

Our 2 last days in Tokyo... our 10 day trip is drawing to a close - So quick!!! :( Boohoo....
We ventured into Shibuya again, V researched about this place near the station (about 5 min walk) and it was such a great find!! The girls declared that it was even better than Disneyland! haha... It was indeed a great public facility. Totally shows the care and love for the children that the Japanese culture has. Wish there was a similar place in Singapore. It would definitely help mothers / grandparents who are home by themselves and the kids.
K sporting her favorite purchase - the minnie mouse ribbon
G enjoying the breakfast - every morning, both girls will finish up their thick toast with butter and jam, a pot of yoghurt, a full glass of milk (or juice) and sometimes even the cracker!
Clowing around with V
The Music room at the Children's Hall. Link and address below.
Craft stations were set up all over the place, the girls were so entranced. They immediately got stuck into making all the things.
Glue stations. Ingenious use of recycle things like bottle caps, waste cardboard etc.
G helping her sister with the glue
Watching the girls craft
Indoor playground on Level 3. The girls had a lot of fun here too. The architecture that housed the facility was also pretty interesting. Brutalist with just bare concrete and vinyl flooring, it was obviously done quite cheaply. But as most things in Japan, everything was done with so much care and precision, so even the cheapest things looked aesthetically pleasing! The furniture was 1 good example - most were old chairs etc, but they all had nice fabric upholstery that obscured the old fabric.
Clowing around outside the hall. We spent a good part of the day here... well worth the time! And best of all, totally free!!
My personal heater. :)
Mastering chopsticks

Tokyo Metropolitan Children's Hall:
1-18-24 Shibuya Shibuya-ku, Tokyo 150-0002 Phone (03)3409-6361/Fax (03)3407-8364

Exit 13A from Shibuya station. It's just a short walk. :)


We had snow on our last day in Tokyo!!! But it wasn't the nice fluffy white snow flurries, but rather more like salt crystal wet sort.
G loved it anyhow. She was thrilled!
Hoodies came in very handy! We were all snuggled up in our hoods and scarves.
Last minute shopping at the ROX seiyu supermarket.
Picked up quite a lot of good last minute buys as well. Most importantly, we had to buy 1 additional carryon bag for all our shopping! hah!
Weather cleared up in no time. G fooling around as usual.
K modelling the rainboots and umbrella. So cute!
Vending machine lunch. Yum......
Raw tuna with rice
Just leaving our hotel. Our 2 bags.....
V wheeling the bags while i pushed K in the pram. Quite proud that we managed to just confine all our luggage + shopping in 2 bags! :) In the end, we had to just add 1 more cloth bag as the weight of the big luggages were over the limit allowed.
Kids meal on Delta. Pretty impressed with Delta's service, will definitely fly them again! :)

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