February 13, 2011

[Tokyo : Day 08 - Disneyland!!]

The girls have been waiting for this day for ages!!! K kept on referring it to Hongkong Disneyland, making G really annoyed... lol.
Here are the pics :
Raring to go!
Walking a LOOOONG walk to the disney entrance :)
Paying through the nose for the tickets....
Taking pics with characters are some of the most fun things the girls enjoy, so it was a little disappointing for them at Tokyo Disney as they didn't manage to catch much of these. Plus no princesses :(
Fairy Godmother signing on G's autograph book
Japanese Mickey and Minnie, they were doing a little puppet show
K waiting patiently for her Dumbo ride
Double prams are a must as Disney is quite big. Plus the cold weather makes them tired and sleepy quite fast....
Doesn't this look like the one we took so long ago HERE at Lotte World in Korea
Playing around with the cam and having a quiet coffee break while both girls sleep in their prams
Dinner! Train station at Ueno. Yums.
K enjoying her latest purchase -the minnie headband. She was so thrilled with the 'earrings', kept fondling and touching it even though her fingers were freezing!
V's meal from supermarket.

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