February 03, 2011

[Takayama: Day 03]

Day 03: takayama
Our first full day in takayama. And the first day without travelling. We were pleasantly surprised to find out that we had actually ordered breakfast at the ryokan. It was the traditional Japanese breakfast of rice with various food. I must say that both the girls adapt very well to the food here, they didn't really question why rice for breakfast or ask for their more 'normal' breakfast of bread and butter. We had a taste of the famous miso paste on the magnolia leaf (Hoba) plate on charcoal stove. Rice was refillable and we made the most of it! Hah.
Next stop was the temple just opposite our ryokan, for some snow play and also in case the girls got too wet. Today was even colder, I'm sure the temperature must have been below zero. Lots of wingeing about the cold, so we went indoors again to put on more layers. Enroute out to the morning market, we found a shop that sold waterproof gloves - bought a pair each for all of us.
We also found a nice coffee place just overlooking the river and stayed there to warm up.
Finally properly kitted out, we headed into the historic district, where we visited lots of old handicraft shops, sake brewing houses etc. The architecture was old, traditional and cavernous. G of course kept bugging us to head outdoors to play with more snow!
We had lunch in a quaint little coffeehouse where G had her favourite curry rice, and we had some rice beef hamburger (like mos burger) can't get enough of the rice here, somehow it tastes so much more sticky and moreish than at home.
After lunch, we headed uphill for more snow play. G was in snow paradise, lots of fresh powder to play with and now with proper snow clothes, she really got into it! The 3 of us built a little igloo, a tiny snow man and worked up quite a sweat! It is tiring making snow sculptures. Throughout, G kept saying that she wished she lived here in Takayama. :) don't think it'll be that much of a novelty if she actually DID live in japan! Lol...
Teatime was spent in another cafe having the famous ice-cream and red bean desserts. At this rate, we are having 6 meals a day! Not good for our waistlines and pockets!
V went to the bus station to book tickets while we took another soak in the onsen. :)
For dinner, we went to the supermarket nearby to stock up on local fruits and bought takeaway meals and sushi. The girls ate almost everything! Must be the cold weather...

Warming up with a nice hot cocoa
Handicraft shops - these were selling kimono scraps
Us in front of an old town building
The river that runs through the town
Lunch! Curry rice - tastes a lot more appetising than it looks!!
Local mos burger
G enjoying her lunch
Our carpark snowman
Rickshaw man - Y3000!!! Too expensive, so we didn't ride it.
Desserts .... Red bean soup with flour paste. Ocha with pickles.
V and his little munchkin
G wrote this in the little guest book
Sake shop - they brew their own sake here, we had a little taste. Nice in super cold weather!
More colourful haberdashery
Climbing up the hills
Us - selftimer shot
Building our snow man
K - okay i'm done!
No more snow for me please :)

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