February 02, 2011

[Takayama: Day 02]

The girls reaction to the snow were priceless! G as usual went crazy over it, trying to touch it, stomp on it, mold it, taste the falling snow flakes, all at the same time!!! They were also so lucky to catch mild snow fall the moment we arrived. The snow was drifting down and it was simply magical to watch them interact with it. Lots of squeals of delight as they sought out ANY piles of snow to sink their hands into. Strangely, Takayama was super quiet and most of the shops were shut the day we arrived (no idea why, perhaps a public hol?) In anycase, we checked into our hotel and piled on more layers onto the girls before heading out to find a little park or open space where they can indulge in their various snow activities.
Lots of pics! What can i say, the snow and the girls playing in it makes for excellent photo ops.... :) Plus all that yummy food..... sigh, we are SOOO loving japan:
V and the girls in front of our Minshuku
Kitting out in snow boots and warmwear at the foyer space before the cold - the old fashioned rack behind are for placing our wet boots and shoe stuff in when we get into the Minshuku.
K waiting patiently as everybody gets dressed
G's very 1st baby snow man
Pulling them away from the snow that was all over
Finally we found a quiet forecourt of a temple for them to make their snow man and snow castle
Look at her happy face!
They had so much fun, so happy we made the trip up for them to experience the snow
Look at my snow castle!
K and her snow castle
There were till snow flurries falling while we were out making snow men
Us at the temple grounds.... snow makes everything so quiet!
Getting warm in the ryokan before heading out again for dinner
We found a quaint little restaurant (one of many!) that had the famous Hida Beef.

This is what we had

Snack menu.... will definitely come back for more!
Close up of the beef - it tastes more like Bak Kuah than beef. Quite a smoky flavor, not as good as the other dish we ordered - the hamburger patty..
Hamburger patty with rice. Yums.
Dinner! :) Love the salads. Takayama is also known for their miso paste, so their miso soups were especially flavorful and tasty.

After that, we headed back to the ryokan for our 1st dip in the Onsen that was just next to our room. It was an indoor onsen, another amazing experience for the girls. I guess G summed it up when she said at the end of the day - I can't believe this is only the 2nd day of my holiday! I feel like it has already been 20 days, we did so many new things!!! :) Heh. She really was super spot on with that observation.

Can't wait to have our 1st full day in Snowy Takayama.

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