March 05, 2011

[G's 6th Birthday]

Six years ago, you made your surprise appearance 2 weeks early. We had hardly setup the cot or washed any of yr newborn clothing when you decided that you have had enough of being in my tummy. From the very start, your joy and love of LIVING is so much in your personality. You do nothing in half measures... You laugh hard, play hard, cry hard and most of all love hard. You wear your generous heart on your sleeve constantly. To watch you is to know you. You love your favourite people indiscriminately and expect nothing less in return. We hope you will always be so affectionate (Although your trademark 'carry-hug' might have to cease quite soon as you are so big now!) You have always been inquisitive and that has progressed naturally into an almost insatiable thirst for knowledge ever since you learnt how to reAd. We love how you can talk about everyday topics and tell us yr views of it. Your laughter is infectious, your sense of humor borders on the quirky, you are easily tickled, especially by really silly things. This past year, you have grown so tAll, so lanky, so absolutely gorgeous (our biased view of course!) You are our very own princess through and through and we love you so much Gracie. Happy 6th Birthday!

Below, chronologically, your best moments at your birthday parties through the years:

1 yr old BBQ party at grandma's

2 yr old home party

3 yr old party : barney party at bethany (1st kindie party) - most talked about item = barney cake and all the barney stuff she received as pressies!

4 yr old school then beach party at sentosa - most talked about item = the huge room we stayed in and the wonderful beach at it's doorstep.
5 yr old fairy party (1st friends party) : most talked about item = the house we painted and the fairy cupcakes we had.
6 yr old birthday carnival party : most talked about item = princess bouncy castle & ice-cream cake.

More pix from today:
We rented the part next to our house as the venue for this year's 'birthday carnival' party. It was a great space - full of large shady trees and also a very good size pavilion to do up the main party food etc and even an annex for setting up a photobooth (which in the end nobody used cos they were all too busy with the bouncy castle!) We re-used K's bday banner and V printed out G's name in maze (like last yr- from HERE).
We printed little banners with the same font 'stencil' as the party invites - quick and nice way of creating a birthday theme - we used scrapbooking paper as the backdrop for all the printouts, and also made little hearts with toothpicks to decorate the food.
Made pom poms as per the instructions HERE.

Candy floss maker machine was a VERY big hit. The kids (and adults!) crowded round like bees to honey :) Unfortunately, the maker was pretty slow at satisfying the kids cravings... haha, after that, we decided to make super mini ones so that everyone had a tiny one to start off with!
Bought the candy floss maker from HERE.... but hey, just drop me a line if you want to borrow it!

6 hrs rental for the bouncy castle is a great asset for any bday party! Fully recommend it, the girls had SO much fun playing in it. We rented it from HERE.
Bouncy castle fun!
Wonderful tasty icecream cakes from island creamery - best thing about it, we get 2 flavors!
Singing birthday song

G cutting cake with her besties!
Everybody (well almost!)
Finally, the happy little 6 yr old with all her pressies!!! :) Thanks to everybody for coming by and making this day so super special for her!!!!


Anonymous said...

Hi! Thanks for sharing your gal's birthday party!. May I know where did you get such big sheets of colored tissue papers to make the pom pom?

JACQ said...

Hi Linda, I bought the tissue from art friend at bras basah. They also sell them at spotlight, but they r more expensive.

Anonymous said...

Thank you so much! Will drop by the shop!