March 18, 2011

[Absence makes the heart grow fonder]

The girls were away from Sat - Thurs with my parents on a week-long driving holiday into Malaysia. Much as we love spending lots of time with them, this trip came just at the right (or wrong!) time as we were totally swamped with work. It has been a few 20hr days leading up to the weeklong school hols, and it was just as well that they were on holiday, otherwise there will be 2 very cranky parents who are just frustrated we can't spend lazy mornings with them.
Also, it gave us a chance to catch up on being 2 again (thanks mummy and papa!). Although many of our friends and family assume that because we are together 24-7, because we spend our working time together, we do not need much 'couple-time'. But work tends to be pretty much all-consuming, so there isn't really a chance for any relaxed moments during the workday, and the only real time we get to unwind will be when the girls are in bed. Even though we had the week 'break' without the girls, we really only managed to catch a couple of nights out, as work was too pressing and took up the rest of the time. It was still good though. :)

Some pics of the week:
Took up my knitting again. This time around to make chunky cowels :) I bought this from Etsy a really long time ago, but it is still my favorite to wear whenever we go anywhere cold. So, let's hope I'm creating another one that will be a favorite too! Here's what i'm trying to make - The Loopy :) Of course, if you don't want to go through the trouble of knitting it yourself by hand, you can always buy it online - from HERE . Next up, making jewellery - lots of inspiration from HERE.
We go up to KL quite a bit for work, and tried for the 1st time the Rendang at Madam Kwan's. YUMS.
Loaf of course was another "must eat"... we go there for breakfast and supper all the time!
After dinner desserts - why does my head look so big in this pic?!Food at Ippudo, Mandarin Gallery. It was disappointing to put it mildy. Even though the food was reasonably good (although I realised I don't really care for ramen), the ambience of shared seating, loud clubby music, horrible service and dark dark decor made for a really bad date out :( Totally wouldn't recommend it unless you REALLY like ramen and can put up with all the above grouses!Homemade meals continued our repertoire of food journeys. (somehow without the girls, it seems that we eat a lot more?!)
Found this in the photo archives. I'm thrilled that I actually managed to still keep in touch with some of these friends (FB makes these much easier!)
K waiting for G to finish up ballet last sat. She looks so adorable with her curls and that sweet smile :)
We brought the girls 'ponyriding' (a very sweaty G waiting for her turn)
She absolutely LOVED it! :) Look at that posture.... i think she could be a horserider in the making!! (now if only it didn't cost an arm and a leg for pony riding classes)
Enjoying an icecold drink before lunch.
Looking small and cute next to V
Looking so much bigger with her hair bunned up for ballet. :)

Just booked our April hols online, looking forward to a little break. Also, found this website via archdaily - Exotic hotels (can't wait to try some of them!)

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