April 05, 2011

[falling off]

Again.... i'm falling off the blog-wagon. Too much things on my plate, too much to do, too many things to organise. Plus I haven't been taking many photos with the "proper" camera, only lots of iphone shots and vids. Before I forget, I need to blog about a certain Major milestone in our home - the girls are finally sleeping in their own room!!! :) I know i know, they are already 5 (oops 6) and 3, and should have transitioned looooong ago. But somehow, through the years, the major events like #2 arriving, then moving house etc, have always delayed that process. They were in their own rooms for the longest time, just that it was always with 1 parent who will sleep through with them in their room. Lots of times this was justified, as usually G or K will wake mid-sleep and wake the other up with their wailing, on which a speedy exit from the room was required, else the other sibling will wake and it will be a night of disrupted sleep for all! We realised this happened less and less now, so finally bit the bullet to let them sleep through the night by themselves!!! And it worked! hurrah! It is bittersweet naturally, and I feel like a mum of a newborn when I walked across the hallways every other hour till 3am to check on the 2 of them. But.. now I can (finally!) start to think about decorating my own room... definately something to look forward to... if only I can also find the time to do so!

So, what have we been up to :
Been going back to knitting, using chunky needles and chunky wool this time- so fun!
Also, Gocco-ing at a friend's (thks E!) and can't wait to go back there to letterpress on them... :) soon soon....

Finished up a commissioned MonogramWe went pony riding at the saddle club
Some priceless goofy faces from the girls
Making art on the patio
Playing dress up at Cotton On Kids... heh.
G's vocabulary - she wrote these using her phonics. We were pretty impressed!
This one is a real fashionista wannabe. She will pick out her outfit for various activities - and they are pretty specific! Flower dress, fancy handbag, pink clips, flipflops etc... sometimes sunglasses too!Lots of picnics at Botanical Gardens. This was taken before the mosquitos attacked!!
Finally, a recent pic of G after i cut her hair. Her long long hair is now a shoulder length bob. A breeze to wash and dry!!

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