April 15, 2011

[blogging on the beach]

We are on holiday!!! :) Well, kindof, as lots of work and also V's upcoming exams have made the trip a lot more of a 'work/play' sort of escape. But, can't complain, the girls are napping now while I'm blogging. Wi-fi at the beach also lends a certain joie de vivre to the everyday tasks of checking and answering emails, drawing etc....
We are staying at the Berjaya Langkawi, a very quaint series of chalets (we're in the rainforest one), although the ones that are perched on the water look pretty cool too (but a little scary for us over-paranoid parents as none of the girls can swim!) So far, we are on Day 02 here out of 4 days, and we just went to our favorite eatery - The Loaf - which conveniently has an outlet a short drive away from our hotel!

No pics as yet of the holidays, as I did not bring along the download cable (i need to figure out this flash drive thing on my MBP..... so perhaps there can be some pics later!) So, here are some pics of our bedroom (more like photo vignettes) as I finally did a little decorating :)
Entrance into the room... our arty wedding pics are on the wall..
Lacey doilies and my old childhood teddies obscure us from any peeping neighbors!
My quick 'make-up and go' station
Bedside lamp & books on my side of the bed!

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