April 13, 2011

[April 2011]

We are madly finishing up our work before we jet off for a mini-break at the nearby island of Langkawi over a long weekend. Last weekend, we visited the newly opened Bishan Park (well, part of) and had a Mc-D's brunch at the same time. Here are some of the recent pics:

K posing w popo with her new fav outfit from kuku's hkg spree :)
G looking all grown up on the new bridge connection into Bishan Park
K loved scoottering around, and I think she must have practiced in school quite a bit....
Happy that G, who learnt rollerblading when she was 4, has not forgotten her wheelies :)
After the morning workout, i caught these priceless pics of the girls in the car..... am constantly struck by how gorgeous they are! :) Love their silly faces and giggles...
Rosy rosy cheeks
G and her fav softie
Afternoon activities over the weekend include making a little house with blankies and the dining table and chairs.

Recently, their kindergarten also organised a little outing to East Coast Primary school, for the K2 kids to have their 1st taste of the "big girls and boys" school. G was super excited!! She was a little apprehensive about the buying of food from the canteen, but we rehearsed it at home and she finally did it by herself with her friends at the primary school. An excited pre-primary girl
Counting out her change for the food.... well, actually snacks, all of them zoomed straight to the 'snack' stall!
G and her best girlfriends posing for mummy
School's over!!!
Proud Daddy!
Saying bye bye to mummy and daddy...

Gosh, time flies so quickly! Can't believe that we are parents to an almost primary school goer!! (sometimes we can't believe we are parents.... period... )

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