May 17, 2011

[Arts Weekend]

We caught the last day of the Art Biennale last weekend. It was a scorching hot day, and it didn't help that the venue did not have a single air-conditioned room! It was an eye-opener though for us, to visit the defunct Kallang Airport. (it really should be re-purposed, the venue will be great for architectural studios / art workshops)

Here are the pix:
The Old Kallang Airport
The nice grey walls are great for taking pictures
Sisters posing (or attempting to!)
Favorite exhibition in the Arts Bienalle has to be this one by Micheal Lee
Collection of simple forms
He has A LOT of assistants to help do all the cutting!!!
Another exhibit - we were more interested in the table structure + form than the exhibits!

The girls loved this interactive artpiece - the radiowaves react to the movements of the shadows, they had a fun time jumping about and prancing.
They were pretty intrigued by the metronomes as well.
We like this art piece as well - something about the simplicity of forms....
and this one for it's repetition and sense of scale.After awhile, the exhibits (and the heat!) wore them out!Remember the milo truck!? We were telling the girls how this truck used to be the highlight of every primary school sports day. :)
Ice cold milo... great for a really hot day!
There was also the crafting - we made a kite each and also a badgePosing with K just before leaving - I also thrifted a $2 gucci vintage sunglasses and a nice necklace :)Posing with all the balloons before we left. A fun day out.
Next weekend, we're going HERE. Can't wait!!!

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