May 31, 2011

[Bird Park cousins outing]

We too rarely do outings with cousins, something that is quite unfortunate given everybody's busy schedules. There is something about growing up with a whole circle of instant friends - lots of cousins playing together almost every other weekend, like what we used to do while growing up. It wasn't even anything fancy, mostly just a picnic (with lots of yummy food) on the beach, or a mahjong session (for the adults) at grandma's. Plus we spent all our 'after school' hours at the same place for most of our growing years together. It's a pity the girls do not have the same experience, as the nuclear family gets smaller and smaller (blame it on the 2-child govt policies of the 70s), and most of our cousins are scattered all over the island.
So, when we had a chance to go out together with little R and her parents, it was too good an opportunity to pass up. Even V who had a childhood phobia of feathered creatures managed to quell his fear to let his girls enjoy the day out. Yup, we went to the Bird Park at Jurong!
G loves being the big sister to R
A cranky K being all hot and sweaty!
Striking a pose
This was quite a nice one.... G making a silly face as usual, and K's just warm!A nice one of the girls
Taxidermied birds
Many eggs
Birds of a feather....More pics of the girls....

The Jurong Bird Park wasn't such a great outing place - the weather was pretty unforgiving, and for some reason, the Sunday that we were there, it was FULL of tourists. The girls enjoyed the show, but the penguin enclosure was closed that day, so there is only so much one can enjoy about looking at bird after bird.... Plus the park was small - only about a quarter the size of the zoo. Luckily we had complimentary entry (thanks to uncle R), otherwise i will not recommend going there if you had to pay the full entry price.

R also suggested a wonderful place for lunch. It is right at the top of Jurong Hill. It has been there forever, according to my parents. A great spot for date nights!
The look-out tower with the restaurant at the base.
Inside the lookout tower
K walking up the ramp with her treat of the day - a mango slushie tower!
Girls playing at the top of the lookout tower.

Thanks Uncle R for the free tickets to the park, we really should make an effort with all those cousin outings! :)


Anonymous said...

Actually the bird park is 20 hectares, only slightly smaller than the zoo (28 hectares). Your impression is quite off, bird park is three quarters the size of the zoo, not one quarter.

JACQ said...

O dear, so where did the other half of the space go to? It definitely felt WAY smaller than the zoo - everything at the birdpark seemed to be a mini version of the zoo - the birds (can't be helped?), playground, cafes, the whole surrounds....