June 04, 2011

[Girlfriend playdates Art Village]

We - as in good friend S and I - have decided to designate every Friday morning as "arts day out" with the girls. But this week, she'll be at church camp, so we brought forward our art morning to Monday instead.
The first day of the June school hols is usually filled with lots of anticipation. For us, it was a welcome break from the routine of school dropoff and site meetings.
We visited the Festival Arts Village - it's done by our friends at Esplanade Park. Unfortunately, due to some of the venues not being ready, the activity venues were not open in the morning. The girls however had no problems entertaining themselves - with picking flowers from the ground, watering the plants, walking around reading the little notes put up by the other visitors.
We are coming back again on Sunday, where hopefully there'll be more activities, and I've booked the girls in for a crafting session in the afternoon.
Esplanade Park is accessed via the Esplanade underpass (below the highway). The lovely structures make for a nice photospot.
We were early, so there was hardly anybody around!
After meeting up with S and her troupe, we headed towards the nearby Asian Civilisation Museum, where the flower / seed picking continues....The 4 girls after a really HOT and SWEATY morning!
It was rather nice to be in the civic district, on a Monday morning, watching all the office workers rushing about their day, knowing that we are not 1 of them!! Heh. The joys of a flexi-workday!
K walking back to the Esplanade. We're looking forward to our next Arts Day Out!!! :)

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