June 16, 2011

[while the girls are away......]

The girls are away with my parents on a week long holiday in Tumpat.... as the kids-free days and nights are drawing to an end, here's some recap of what we did while the kids were away... :) *featuring lots of eating!!!* hah!

Finally tried out the much-reviewed Tanjong Beach Club at Sentosa. I will fully recommend going there, especially for a weekday lunch. :) The food is really good, and not sure if it was due to it being a weekday, but the service was immaculate. Plus the chef through in some tasting complimentary dishes - and who's to say no to freebies!!!
Starters compliments of the chef- sundried tomatoes with crisps toast. Walnut and honey bean salad.
The interiors were lightfilled and very pleasant.
It was a setmeal of 1 starter + 1 mains for $28.80, so I chose the corn chowder soup as my starter. The fresh scallop and avocado puree elevated it from common to sublime.

The rest of the dishes were so-so, although the dessert was pretty good too - we had the sorbet platter.

On the night the girls left on the night train (incidentally the same one that everybody has been taking cos it's going to stop leaving from Tanjong pagar) we flew up to KL to have a belated weekend celebration for V's bday.
A not often visited part of KL, we dropped by KLPAC, a performance / arts venue recommended by our malaysian intern.
The architecture was interesting - it used to be the KTM (malaysian railway company) main headquarters, and the main performance hall was a converted building.
It even had a japanese style restaurant in it's premises, although it was rather old and looked disused when we walked there.
Unfortunately, there weren't much performances up that day, so we caught a cab back to town after walking in the sweltering heat.
Outdoor spaces with interesting (but not very practical) public furniture.

We spent most of our time around our hotel where there was lots of good food and shopping.
For V's bday dinner, we booked a table at Alexis, which looked like it had pretty interesting food and ambience.

The pictures don't really do the food justice, but we ordered some mains and starters to share - Duck confit with pear, Miso Cod with beans, Turkish bread with hummus. The quality of the food was so-so, nothing to shout about, but the desserts and apparently the Laksa is supposed to be good! Next time we'll definitely have to try them!

After that, we caught a movie at the inhouse cinemas.... really nice! Premier seats for the same price (ie. in RM, so it's a 60% disc!) as the ones in the Gold Class singapore. :) Next time we have to bring the girls here.... there's lots for them to do as well. And they can share the desserts with me!

Next up - a "mummy's day out" review....

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