June 11, 2011

[Art Friday's... continued]

We continue our June hols Art Friday's with a visit to the Art Museum.
There was a Children's Season section, where various artists from all over the world created art pieces with an interactive (workshop) session for kids to engage with the works. This particular exhibit were paper crafted fruits. Unfortunately, the pieces for the children to piece together were much too fiddly, we mummies had to do all the work instead!
K glueing up the pieces that have been pre-folded by moi.
G showing off her completed fruitThe next exhibit was more fun, it's called Paramodelling. It's a site specific art installation, using toy train tracks and styrofoam and green felt. It forms a surreal landscape within closed spaces that has to be experienced to fully appreciate it's intricacies. The tie-up workshop was with the artist, where the children were given the train tracks and had a go at para-modelling. The completed train tracks were all combined and they had toy trains to set loose on the tracks and to watch them go in loops. Super engaging and the girls had so much fun there!
Paramodelling workshops with parents (and helpers) enthusiastically helping with the train track building!
Our 4 girls really working together making the tracks. Love how it became a combined effort!G posing with the elephants outside. Taking a little break from all the activities.
In the popsicle room - I love the vibrant colours! And the girls were playing catch in that room.... it was a great outlet in an otherwise "hush hush" museum.

Another room was for dressing up. They didn't quite like that, rather surprising given that it was 4 girls! I suppose the dolls weren't appealing enough?
Saw this sign and thought i should have one in my room :)
All in all, it was a really fun day out!! The girls actually went back again after G's class with my SIL and MIL.... :)

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