June 09, 2011

[June birthdays]

June is a busy birthday month, with Grandma's birthday, followed closely by my dearest Papa, and 1 day after, V's.... As you grow older, birthdays do not have the same 'special-ness' of my childhood yearly occasions. They lose the enchantment of waking up with that precious anticipation, that perfectly delicious 'top of the world' excitement to see what goodies are in store. At least that was what made birthdays super special to me while growing up. Now, birthdays are just another workday.... where only FB wall posts and early morning phonecalls / sms remind us that it is a little bit more special than other days.
We can however, now count on the girls for making every birthday all that more special by the things they say and do:
K to V today - Daddy, happy birthday.... can you come inside my heart?
G to kongki (her nick for papa) - Happy birthday to Kongki, i need to go shopping with Popi for yr present!
G made 2 sets of personalised notebooks for V (for his bday) and me (in case I was jealous), K wrapped a little angpow with some stickers for her daddy.
It is afterall the little thoughts that count :)

So, to my 2 June babies, Happy happy birthday...... may the coming year treat you well, may the girls continue to be as affectionate and loving, may you grow stronger and wiser... may only good things happen to you..... as you both mean so much to me and always will.

love J

Totally unrelated pictures.... here are the girls at the Philatelic museum and the Singapore Flyer last weekend:
K after lunch at the Singapore flyer - can't believe they spent 2mil to replicate the 1920s feel of streetside hawker space!!! Totally uninspired.... and the food was exhorbitant and so-so.
G and K holding hands (or trying to!)
G with her friend M whom we bumped into at the museum.
K after her nap.
K and V

Some of G's latest drawings... I am absolutely in love with the way they are drawn! The symmetry, the composition, the colour choices, the expressions.... kicking myself for not giving her proper paper, now i have to think of a way to make this "frame-able". Will have to see if she can oblige by drawing more of them!

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Rachel said...

so cute... my boys call their popo and kong kong - popi and kongki too! ;)