August 29, 2011

[It's the HOLIDAYS.... again?!?!]

Wow.... didn't we just have our vacation???? This month and next is shaping up to be a holiday packed month - this week alone we have "holiday in lieu of the election", "hari raya", "teacher's day" - the girls only go to school 1 day this week and it's their term excursion! O the fun!! And the whole of next week is term break.....
Unfortunately, we are deskbound with some deadlines so it was only sporadic mornings that we can spend time with the girls. The weather has been incredibly kind though, the whole weekend was super cool and rainy!! Perfect weather for long long snoozes in bed (although it would have been even better if there was no early alarm clock in the form of the girls!). After polling (no, he was not elected), we indulged in curry fishhead (well, me rather as V is so not a spice loving person). G is shaping up to be a "peranakan in training" as she loves spicy food and will gamely try anything.
Some highlights of the month of August:
Our dear friend's dd turned 2, and she had the most wonderful cake ever! Cake's from here - (sooo nice right... :) Since they have relocated to Hongkong, we hardly get a chance to catchup, so it was really nice to just chill and yak non-stop while the girls get hyper on cake and helping to open up the pressies! They even spent the whole afternoon there with a very generous birthday girl who shared all her presents!
How many architects does it take to cut a stacked cake?
G's list on what she wanted off the cake.... (i like the last sentence)
Group shot - this is what 4 architects with their respective offspring look like.
The girls and the cake.
K looking sleepy

We usually spend sundays now with the girls either at ECP or Sentosa, so that they can ride their bikes and we can have some outdoor time. Unfortunately, this Sunday, poor G fell off her bike and her lower lip took the brunt of the fall - resulting in a rather large graze below her lip. Lots of TLC was required and of course she was jumping about in no time with seemingly no traumatization towards riding again (phew!)The bruiser of a lip. It's totally healed now! I'm always amazed at the resilience of the kids and their healing speed!
K at ECP with her favorite iPad / iPhone game.
Have a great (cool!) week ahead and hopefully I will get to take nicer outdoor photos soon if the rain stops!


Carol & Eddy said...

Every year, we look for new places/bakeries/ppl to order birthday cakes from. Thanks for this new link. The cake looks gorgeous, does it taste as lovely?

JACQ said...

Yes it was great tasting! :)